Upholstery Cleaning


If you’re looking to bring life back into upholstery or furniture, and need help with getting it done right, then Vegas Cleaners is the number one choice.
Our staff is certified to take care and clean your furniture and upholstery and we are well equipped and well trained to disinfect as well as deodorize your upholstery so that your home of office is as clean, inviting, and healthy as it can possibly be.

We come up with a customized plan for your furniture by evaluating the material and fabric. From there we’ll decide what cleaning process to used based on our careful analysis. There is no type of upholstery or fabric that we have run into and not taken care of successfully. Our experienced technicians have the knowledge and skill needed to adapt to any situation. While we are cleaning your upholstery, we protect the furniture within the surrounding area.

Experts in Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

As experts in carpet and upholstery cleaning. We use some of the latest green technologies to clean. Traditionally, carpet and upholstery cleaning companies use heavy detergents and solutions that leave a heavy scent and may be quite harmful to the environment, however, at Vegas Cleaners, we used products that promote safety, comfort and most importantly, better results. When you leave the duty of carpet and upholstery cleaning to Vegas Cleaners, you can rest assured we will breathe that vital dose of new life back into your upholstery!

Sofa and Love Seat

Before you decide to replace that old sofa or love seat, consider reupholstering it first. Choosing to restore or repair it ensures that you will continue to have a quality product that you already love and will give a fresh, updated look as well as the quality you deserve. Even if you have furniture with the structure intact, it can be very worthwhile to give it new life with updated fabric.
Instead of spending money on a new piece of furniture, let us restore the beauty to your family heirlooms or refinish the pieces you currently have

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