This is the Only Carpet Cleaning Solutions You Need

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How great would it be if we told you that you can save big bucks on carpet cleaning? Pretty darn amazing, right? We believe that there is no need for everyone to shell out huge amounts of money to maintain a clean home by purchasing cleaning solutions that are not only toxic but sometimes, ineffective. The following are great do-it-yourself carpet cleaning solutions that you can make at home.

Carpet Cleaning Solutions for Different Situations

Strong Shampoo

This is a strong shampoo that is great for the entire floor plan of the home.

1/4 hydrogen peroxide

7 Cups of water

1 1/3 vinegar

2 tbsp dish soap


Use this solution once a week to maintain your carpet fresh and clean.

2 tbsp vinegar

3 cups water

Dry Cleaning

This helps neutralize carpet odor, and it is perfect for those who are not fond about waiting for their carpet to dry.

2 cups borax

2 tbsp baking soda

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Spot Removal

This is for a more concentrated mix that is best used for stains and small spaces.

2 cups water

4 tbsp vinegar

2 tbsp baking soda

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