The Importance of Keeping Your Carpet Clean

woman and doughter on the carpet

woman and doughter on the carpet

Carpet cleaning is an important routine since dirt remains in the deepest fiber of materials and caring for your carpet is an important contributor to the shelf life of your investment. Changing carpet is expensive so you must care for it to save money. Whether you choose to use a vacuum or eliminate dirt using chemical agents. It’s important to keep it clean at all times.

Many families presume that vacuuming is all it takes to remove dirt and dust, but many problem areas do not get the attention they deserve. This can lead to some factors of discomfort from dust and pollen which can trigger allergies and asthma.

There are additional benefits:

Gets rid of tiny little bugs and beetles

As giant filters, carpet trap in dirt, dust and allergens and these particles are very attractive to insects. In addition to the favorable temperature and environment, insects will flock towards carpeted material and if you allow them to stay longer, they will eat up the fibers and ruin your investment. They also create a foul smell in the house that is very unappealing especially if you’ve guests in your home.

Helps to Maintain the Form

Edge of dirt, sand and other particles contribute to the wear-and-tear of the fibers. T Over time, you will begin to notice a slight distortion in its form. With regular cleaning, you freshen and liven up the fibers and your carpet looks new again.

Prevent your carpet from harming your health

Carpets may become harmful to the health of your family and guests. They can attract allergens, spread bacteria, and expose you and your family to pollutants. In a home with young children, pets, or even the elderly, regular carpet cleaning is essential.
For best results, we suggest vacuuming your carpet 1-5 times a week and hire a professional at Vegas Cleaners to come in and steam clean your carpet 1-2 times a years. This will keep your carpet looking good, smelling good, and help you retain its value.

If you live in or near Las Vegas, contact the cleaning professionals at Vegas Cleaners. We offer a variety of carpet, floor, and tile grout cleaning services.

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