Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the center of every household. This is the place where gatherings take place and amazing food is made! But as great things happen in our kitchen, it can easily get saturated with dust, bacteria, and goods that go bad. Show your love and attention to your kitchen by giving it a deep clean this spring! Check out our essentials tips to help you get your kitchen looking awesome for more memories to be made this new season.

How to Spring Clean Your Kitchen

Countertops and tables

The countertops that we eat, cook, and even gather on is saturated with bacteria, dirt, and who knows what else. Be sure to use an industry-grade cleaner or solution to thoroughly clean, scrub, and wash down these areas in your kitchen. This also includes your dining tables, breakfast bars, etc.


Our pantries can become easily bombarded with expired foods or products that have been pushed back to where it’s nowhere in sight. Take the time to go through your pantry and throw out any unwanted or unused food. On the plus side, this makes room for a healthier diet and you’ll definitely feel a lot better walking into a fresh, clean pantry to eat or cook from.


Sometimes our appliances in our kitchen work a lot harder than we think and they can be easily overlooked! Because they help us cook, bake, clean, and more so, they can easily be saturated with germs, grease, and even dust. Be sure to clean out the following appliances so they can work efficiently:
Coffee Maker

Cupboards and storage drawers

We all have those storage drawers that we just toss random items into! Take the time to organize them better or clean them out. And those cupboards? Although we may think they’re kept clean, you could be wrong! Dust, wipe down and spot clean your cupboards thoroughly. They will definitely make the physical appearance of your kitchen look a lot better.

Floors and windows

Now that everything else is spick and span, make the rest of your kitchen look glorious by dusting and sweeping those floors and windows. If you already went through all the dirty work cleaning everything else, why not finish it off with bright and clean floors?

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