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While our carpets are primarily made for convenience and comfort Area rugs are designed for design, decoration, and aesthetics. It is often that one remaining piece that can complete that unique look in the home and essentially “tie a room together”.

With so many different types of area rugs, each fabric requires a specific cleaning technique. Handmade Persian and Oriental rugs are often composed of dyes that run the risk of bleeding out when not cleaned properly. These delicate fabrics do not respond well to full power washing and traditional cleaning techniques. At Vegas Cleaners, we take the time to carefully clean and preserve the color and quality of these intricately designed rugs. We regularly clean exotic rugs including Persian, Oriental, machine made, shag, and Flokati & Kilim rugs and everything in between.

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As experts in the industry, we understand that these rugs are in fact, handmade, and a harsh cleaning procedure could cause them to rip apart. A delicate, yet effective steaming is the proper technique. And in these cases, it’s the extraction and drying that requires a more careful approach. We make sure not to tear the hand-woven fibers apart. Based on the type of rug that you have, our rug cleaning techniques will ensure that your rugs are being cared for and cleaned tot eh safest and best of all standards.

Cleaning your area rugs will extend the life of your fine fabrics and keep them looking their best all year round. Since area rugs are much more susceptible to getting dirty and carrying harmful allergens than any other area in the home, a deep cleaning of your area rugs should be done once every-12-18 months depending on the level of traffic. A standard 8X10 wool area rug can hide up to 10 pounds of dust before it even begins to look dirty.

Our area rug cleaning services will flush out toxins, allergens, odors, bacteria and dust that is trapped within the fibers. We will identify the fabric, material, and determine the most effective cleaning process for your particular rug. We will examine it for any pre-existing damage, loose fibers, stains and color runs. We have the knowledge, equipment, and tools needed to handle all rug cleaning services.

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