Naturally Freshen Up Your Carpet


It’s unfortunate enough to have the carpet smelling foul, but using harsh chemicals to freshen it up may worsen the quality of it. If you have pets in the home, it’s safe to say that they may have soiled at least once or twice in the home. Even children contribute to odorizing the carpet by spilling food that easily sticks to the surface. Not all of us have the convenience of hardwood floor, so we have to opt for a carpet cleaning solution that will quickly leave it smelling fresh! 

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Naturally Freshen Up Your Carpet

First, you need to create a natural deodorizer. You can make one using 9 cups of baking soda and 25 drops of essential oils. We suggest playing with different scents like 15 drops of mint and 10 for lavender. Stir two ingredients together, and you’re done! Easy, right?

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After making your natural deodorizer, sprinkle this combination on the carpet. Let it sit overnight to work its magic. The next day, vacuum it all away! You’ll be sure to notice the difference after that!

Note: This carpet cleaning deodorizer is also good freshening up trash cans, refrigerators, and shoes.

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