Natural Ways to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh


When life happens in can sometimes leave your house with some certain unwelcomed orders. Pet accidents, burnt dinner, and dirty laundry can all be factors that leave an unpleasant smell. You could go out and buy Febreeze or diffusers, but those can rack up in money. Plus many of those things are made with chemicals which you and your family could be inhaling. There are countless natural remedies that you can do on your own at home and save tons of money!

Orange and Cinnamon Water Pot

This is a favorite remedy to do on the weekends when you are home and just doing household chores. Take a good sized water pot and fill it about halfway with water, orange slices, and three cinnamon sticks. Let the mixture lightly simmer until you begin to smell the fragrance waft throughout your home. Then turn off simmer and let sit for your desired time, and toss when you are finished!

Pinecone Essential Oils

Pinecones can be found anywhere and can be used for so many different things. Some use it as craft time with their kids, but we found it can become a natural, homemade diffuser. Gather an abundance of pinecones and wash them off. Then take your favorite smelling essential oil and add three to four drops. Place them in a basket and let the pinecones do the work! No heating, no expiration, and they make a nice decoration!

Essential Oil Spray

This can become your own febreeze spray at a fraction of the cost and no chemicals! Take an empty spray bottle of any size and use the ratio of one cup of water to three of four drops of any essential oil of your choice! Once you have your desired mixture, it is ready to use! You can spray this throughout your home, on fabrics, pillows, clothes, just about anything that will absorb the scent.

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