How to Maintain a Clean Home All Year Long!

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Let’s face it. No one likes going home to a messy and dirty home. There’s just something that is unappealing with clothes on the bedroom floor and piles of dishes in the kitchen sink. When your day is taken aback by busy schedules, maintaining the cleanliness of your home may sound impossible, but we completely disagree with this! There are ways for you to clean you home and actually maintain it for a long time. Here’s how!

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How to Maintain a Clean Looking Home


-Sweep the floors in the kitchen, bathroom, and all the rooms with hardwood or tiles!

-The kitchen sink should always be wiped down.

-Do the dishes.

-Get rid of the trash.

-Wipe all counters including the kitchen, bathroom, and others.

One a Week

-Dust all your furniture along with the shelving.

-Scrub the bathroom stuff: tubs, sinks, toilets, and showers.

-Wipe down all your appliances.

-Do your laundry.

-Wipe the mirrors.

-Change the linens of your bed.

-Mop your flooring.

-Vacuum your home.

Once a Month

-Organize and clean the kitchen pantry and cabinets.

-Clean the interior of your oven and microwave.

-Clean the cooling/heating vents.

-Scrub all the tile grouts.

-Disinfect your trash cans.

-Wipe down lamps, switch plates, and doorknobs (believe it or not they accumulate the most bacteria).

Once a Season

-Repair items that needs to be address.

-Do a pantry clean up. Get rid of the expired items in it.

-Wipe down your windows.

-Wash your blankets and throw pillows.

-Sort your closet.

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