How to Deep Clean Your Microwave


Our generation has heavily depended on microwaves to heat our food. Without this groundbreaking appliance, we can all say goodbye to our convenience in the kitchen. It’s customary to wash our dishes right after using it, but what about microwaves? Often, the microwave is left uncleaned with splatters of sauce all over it. In some cases, it accumulates so much grime that deep cleaning is often the best resort. We don’t suggest to clean your microwave each time you use it, but it is a good habit to maintain the cleanliness of it.

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What you will need:

Large bowl

10 thinly sliced lemons

2 tbs vinegar

2 cups of water



Place the water in the large bowl along with the vinegar. Spread out the lemon sliced in the bowl letting them float to the surface. Place this beautiful mixture inside the microwave and run it for about 5 minutes.

When you finish this process, do not open the microwave door! Instead, let the lemon combination stand for about 10 minutes to soften the food stains. Being careful, remove the bowl of lemon from the microwave. Damp a cloth by using the lemon mixture to wipe away the excess food stuck in the microwave.

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Wasn’t that super easy? We don’t believe in using harsh chemicals when it comes to cleaning the microwave because it is an appliance used for consumption. We trust that an all-natural combination will do just the trick to remove food particles!

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