Your Guide to Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is essential to keep your carpet looking clean. Carpet cleaning services in Las Vegas highly recommend for homes to get their carpet steam-cleaned every six months. If you’re interested in doing it yourself, we believe that there are some important rules for you to follow! After all, you don’t want to risk damaging your carpet, do you?

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How to Steam Clean Your Carpet

Choose the Right Steamer

Check with a carpet cleaning company in Las Vegas to see which portable steam cleaner they recommend for you. You see, steam cleaners are designed for different types of carpet. Each steamer is rated based on water removal, fiber surface retention, and soil removal. You’re looking for a steamer that can quickly remove the highest amount of water while keeping the integrity of your carpet.

Timing is Important

We recommend for you to steam clean your carpet around the afternoon. This is when the sun is high, and drying time is faster compared to night. Additionally, pick a time when the humid is low!

Solutions Are An Important Factor

The amount of solution you use is imperative to steam cleaning. You want to choose a good solution that is not going to negatively affect your carpet. We suggest a solution with less than pH 10 to maintain the color and quality of the rug.

Clear All Rooms

You want to ensure that all rooms are clear from clutter. The clearer the path, the easier it is for you to steam clean. We suggest paying close attention to high-traffic areas.

Follow The Steam Cleaner’s Instructions

A lot of steam cleaners are designed differently which is why we highly recommend following the directions you’re given from the steam cleaner’s manual.

Keep a Circulation of Air Going

When you’re finished steam cleaning, turn on all fans. This helps your carpet dry faster! If possible, turn on a dehumidifier to prevent mold buildup.

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