The Good and Bad About Washing Your Clothes in Hot Water

Oh, the washing machine. Ultimately, it’s one of the best inventions of the era as it frees us from hours of washing our clothes. Even after it’s inception, we’re left to wonder a few questions: is using hot water right for our clothes? Will the temperature¬†do more harm than good? Well, if you’ve wondered about the same thing. We’re here to tell you more about it!

Pro: It Will Finish the Job

When it comes to clothes that heavily absorb sweat, you can be sure that hot water can do the job. Clothing materials such as socks, workout pants, and boxers are the articles you should look at in particular.

Pro: Kills Germs Fast

If there’s a bug going around the office, you can rely on hot water to kill the germs for you. Hot water is a great defense from spreading the bacteria around. You may also want to toss clothing and bed linens that have already been affected. Tackle the germs the right way.

Con: It’s Not Friendly to the Environment

In the past, our society has grown increasingly aware of carbon footprint. To help minimize the impact, conserving energy is required. Because it takes a lot of energy to do a load of laundry, it’s deemed unfriendly to the environment. In fact, studies have proven that one-third of energy is needed to produce heat for one load of laundry. Additionally, the washer’s power profoundly needs electricity to function which is more likely produced by fossil fuel.

Con: Discoloring May Happen

When you want to maintain the color of your clothes, you may want to withhold your hot water usage. This can fade your clothing from bright to full and often, it can shrink your fabric.

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