Get your Furniture Looking Fabulous

If you have kids, pets or you entertain often, chances are, your furniture displays the wear and tear it undergoes. Eliminating stains, dirt and spots from your upholstery can be tiring and may even permanently damage the appearance of your furniture. Remember when you first bought your furniture and how proud you were to display a new piece during family gatherings and parties?

At Vegas Cleaners, our skilled technicians use a carefully developed step-by-step cleaning process that will deep clean your most beloved couches, sofas, and chairs. They give each piece of furniture the unique and specialized care it deserves. The first and most important step in the upholstery cleaning process is a thorough inspection. After the inspection, our fully trained technicians will go through all of your options for cleaning your upholstery.

Many fabrics require special care and small crevices in the cushions of your chairs or couches are often hard to reach and require special tools you simply don’t have access to. With the help of a professional, you can restore the beauty of your furniture.

At Vegas Cleaners we understand how important your furniture is to you, and we take time to ensure the appropriate cleaning methods are always used. You will never have to worry about water damage, shrinkage, or a sticky residue. Our methods are safe for all types of fabrics.

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