Dangers of Pet Urine in Your Carpet

Dangers of Pet Urine in Your Carpet

If you have a pet and run into the problem of smelling urine regularly, not to worry. Thankfully there are plenty of DIY’s out there to fix the problem and the so called dangers of this situation.

Who knew pet urine could be so dangerous?

First, let’s discover why pet urine in the carpet in our home is so dangerous. Not only does it smell bad, but pet urine can lead to some serious health hazards. The ammonia smell from the pet urine can strongly irritate the lungs causing a burning sensation. Lightheadedness and fainting is also common when in contact with large amounts of pet urine.

Health Concerns

The smell of urine can be too too much for your body and lead to many symptoms. When inhaling ammonia, it can cause fatigue or shortness of breath. Coughing and throat irritation may be signs that your carpets need a deep clean. If your eyes begin to swell or your skin is irritated, invest in great carpet cleaning to eliminate the irritation. Also, your pet’s urine could be the culprit of the so called bad allergies.

Young Children

Children can also be at risk if they are playing in the carpets with leftover urine as it can irritate the eyes and skin. Bacteria and residue leftover in the carpets are harmful feeding grounds for microbes. Children that play on the carpet are more susceptible to these microbes so investing in carpet solutions will not only save your child, but yourself as well.

Benefits of Professionally Cleaning

These issues may not be seen so terrible since we look at our pets as adorable little creatures that could do no harm. However, their odor from the urine leads to serious dangers and that is why it is crucial to hire a professional. Between professional carpet cleaning services, clean your carpets three and seven times a week depending on how often the carpets are used and the number of pets in the home. Not only will a professionally cleaned carpet remove the dangerous pet urine, but it will remove any stains and improve the freshness. Having your carpets professionally cleaned also protects carpets from further damage and helps maintain the carpet’s longevity.

After your carpets have been professionally cleaned, there are easy ways to remove smells and stains out of the carpet. Mix three parts water to one-part white vinegar and apply the solution to any of the stained areas in the carpet. Allow the solution to sit for a minimum of five minutes before sprinkling baking soda and allowing the solution to fully dry. This solution is easy to make and requires minimal ingredients.

The next time you see your pet pee in the home, be sure to act on it as it will prevent many unnecessary health hazards.

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