Cleaning Up Some of those Halloween Messes!

blue carpet

blue carpet

It’s that time of the year again when baking cupcakes, giving out candies, and DIY projects come at hand. We’re talking about Halloween week, when you find yourself wild up about all your children’s projects and giveaway treats that your home is left with an awful mess! So what exactly can you do to reduce the stress from all the cleaning up? Fear not, because there are some ways that will make your week so much easier!

Pumpkin carving

Don’t just set your pumpkin in one table and start carving. Having a cleaning strategy will not only save you time, but also the effort. First, lay newspaper all over the table. Make sure that you don’t have just one layer of newspaper, but put a couple of layers as some pumpkin moisture might seep through the newspaper. Setting newspapers are a great cleaning advantage in this project so that when you are finished with your project, you can take all the newspaper, crumple it in the trash can, and voila– you are done! Wiping the table, and getting rid of some pumpkin stain on the table will be a thing of the past.

Silly Strings!

This fun item can be a nightmare to clean up when it hardens since it could potentially leave stains on the area it has landed. To prevent yourself from having to clean it up and scrubbing your way through hours of no avail, only use silly strings outside where it is easy to sweep right after. Don’t be one of those people who scours the whole internet looking for the best cleaning solution on how to remove silly strings off your walls. Save the trouble, and play with them outside.


Pranks could happen at anytime for many people as many children will feel the thrill of throwing eggs at their neighbor’s houses. While these are all intentionally for fun, they are quite the headache to clean up. When this happens, make sure to clean the mess right away by hosing it with warm water. The egg goes away in an instant, and in many cases, it would not leave any permanent damages.

As a last tip, always be on the lookout for possible messes. Cleaning after messes right away is always the best option. You don’t want to wait hours after everything seems to have dried up and is difficult to remove. Also, try not to go thrifty on the candies as some children could get a bit annoyed when receiving raisins or unrecognizable candy. Sadly, this could trigger some of them to throw eggs at your house. Prevent yourself from cleaning too much by planning ahead of all the possibilities. Stay safe and happy Halloween!

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