Getting Your Children to Clean

mapping floor

Being a mother is a 24-hour job with little to no breaks in between. It’s tough to say the least, but it is also a very rewarding duty. Though, let’s be honest, getting the children to clean anything at all is one of the most difficult parts of being a mother. So, moms out there have to get creative with their children to get them to participate on daily household chores. This can be quite a challenge, but also very efficient when done successfully.

Caddy for School Supplies

Let’s face it, they tend to lose a lot of pencils, markers, pens, and everything in between in the middle of the school year. So, what better way to keep them organized by putting together a caddy for them so that they don’t misplace anything anymore? Having a caddy also reduces the mess from all the homework!

Laminated Dry Erase

Getting them engaged with cool looking chore lists may help entice them to do some cleaning up around the house. This is especially true when they have a list of things to do that doesn’t just have word in them but printable vectors. Vectors are fun, colorful, and creative in the eyes. Have them check it off with a marker and erase easily for the next use.


Some of the previous tips won’t work to most children that just won’t budge. Sometimes, cleaning is just not fun, so give them some kind of incentive to do it. When you reward your children, they will most likely do their chores. Have them pick a chore from a list, and depending on how frequent they do it, reward them to an ice cream or anything else! This is your time to get creative.

Being clean around the house, helps keep your carpets nice and healthy. When it’s time for you to call for carpet cleaning Las Vegas companies, you can be sure that little to no damage was done to your carpet throughout the months. Also, having your children start cleaning up at a very young age will be helpful once they turn into adults.

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