Speed Cleaning at Home


To many people, having a clean home is important for the sake of their sanity. To them, being organized and having a spotless counter-top is better than the polar opposite. There are people whose daily lives function much better when they’re in a clean environment rather than seeing clutter everywhere. Many of them have a speed cleaning routine that they live by, and we are here to share some of those tips to you.

You don’t always have to set aside one full day per week just to clean your home. For one thing, that is a waste of a perfectly good day! And two, it’s not necessary when you know how to speed clean!


Just by simply investing 45 minutes/day of your time can result to about five to seven hours a week of total cleaning. That’s an equivalent of one day’s worth of cleaning! Staying on top of your cleaning routine is one of the things you can do to prevent an unkempt home.


Cleaning can feel unproductive when you shift from one room to the next without finishing any of them first. One rule to live by, always finish one room first and then move on to the next.


When you know where everything is located, cleaning at home can feel much easier. Have a designated area for shoes, papers, clothes, laundry, cleaning supplies, and many more items that are easily left scattered in the home.

Staying on Top of Chores:

If you don’t want to work on just one room per day, try five to ten minutes per room. Start with the bedroom and make the bed. Pick up any clothes left on the floor and put them in the laundry. Dust the surfaces.

And then spend five to ten minutes cleaning the bathroom by cleaning the counter-tops, or swiftly scrubbing the toilet. After that move on to the living room, and dust the surface of each furniture.

Are able to see the pattern now? The most important part is being consistent with your cleaning habits. Once you have a routine, your home will always be spotless!

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