How to Clean a Shaggy Carpet


Shaggy carpets are very popular in many homes as they appeal towards comfort, look and feel. These simple characteristic in the home makes them so attractive to many people. But one problem in owning them is that they can be so difficult to clean up. The long strap of fibers can easily trap the debris and dirt all the way down to the bottom of the carpet making them quite difficult to extract. Fret not! There are many ways you can solve this issue and still enjoy your shaggy carpet at its best!

The following are carpet cleaning tips:

  • Vacuum- You will need a special vacuum for your shaggy carpet. We suggest to get suction-only vacuums as conventional vacuums with rotating brushes will not do because it can cause the fibers to get tangled and fray. Be certain that many of the dirt that is embedded on the bottom of the carpet has been removed.
  • Paddling- Small rug with shorter fibers, can be brought outside. Simply hang them up along a clothesline. You  can also pad them against the wall to get most of the dirt out. After doing that, it is best to leave the rug outside to dry and air out.
  • Dry Shampoo- It’s possible to use dry shampoo on your dirty carpets. You can use to a dry shampoo machine by renting them at a carpet cleaning store. You can also sprinkle the powder yourself by using a brush to let it set deep into the bottom of the carpet.
  • Steam Cleaning- This is one of the trickiest part for carpet cleaning when it comes to shaggy carpets because if it is not treated by a professional, there is a chance that the carpet will get ruined. This is when hot steam and detergent works together to deep clean the home. After that, it needs to be dried off completely, otherwise mold may develop.
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