Your Carpet Cleaning New Year’s Resolution!


The year 2015 is ending which means that we are ready to welcome 2016 with open arms! While many of you are kicking off 2016 with new resolutions such as staying healthy, saving more money, or exercising regularly, we think it’s time to think about your home’s overall cleanliness. So what can you do to keep your home clean?

Shoes Stays in One Place

To keep your carpet clean, we believe that it starts by keeping your shoes away from the home. If you’ve already been using your shoes around the house, stop! There are plenty of reasons as to why we believe you should stop using your shoes around the house, and one of them is bacteria. Additionally, it is very unappealing to look at when you have guests over. So, don’t use your shoes at home, and have a designated area to place them.

Vacuum More Often

We think that every household should vacuum at least once a week to keep the dirt away from the home. So, if you don’t have a vacuuming routine just yet, now is the year to start. We recommend to try vacuuming more rigorously in areas where there is heavier traffic. These are areas in front of the doors and walkways.

Clean Up After Your Pets

It’s a constant love and hate relationship with our pets. We love them when they’re good, but then there are times when they can be mischievous. Accidents in the home can happen at any time and this means your cat or dog can potentially soil on the carpet. When this happens, make sure to clean their mess right away. Don’t wait until it is dry because urine can ultimately damage your carpet.

Call for the Best!

We recommend that you call your local professional carpet cleaners to work on your home so that it is nice and presentable all year long. On average, we believe that every carpet should be cleaned every year to maintain its highest quality. So, what are you waiting for? Call for a carpet cleaning specialist! We know carpet cleaning better than any competition.

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