Carpet Cleaning Las Vegas Tips for Rainy Days

colorful carpet

Summer is over, and the fall season has just kicked in. Those sporadic rainy days will be imminent, and while they are lovely to view indoors, it is  not a pleasant experience when you find yourself stuck in the rain. That being said, don’t let a simple rain get to your carpet! Carpet cleaning Las Vegas services advises that there are some things that can be done to help your carpet last longer and cleaner.

No Shoes on the Carpet

Mud and moisture from your shoes are a big NO to your carpet. It leaves your carpet crusty and discolored. To prevent this from happening, remove your shoes before you enter your home to assure that they don’t touch your precious carpeting. After all, no one wants to see mud all over the home. After that, have a space or container to place those wet shoes so that your carpet is not exposed to the moisture.

Door Mats

Door mats are always handy even when it is not raining. Place them outside your door and on the entryway where shoes are most likely to attract your carpet. This is the first barrier to carpet cleaning Las Vegas as it prevents your carpet from contracting the dirt.

Furry Friends

There’s nothing more distasteful than walking your pets in the rain , because you’ll always find yourself in messy situations! But there are some ways that you can keep the mess to a minimum. Wait for the rain to subside before taking them for a quick walk. Have baby wipes in handy by the entryway so that when they are done, you can wipe their paws immediately.

Of course, you can only do so much to prevent all of this from happening. Over time those little bits of dirt and mud can get the best of your carpet. When this happens carpet cleaning Las Vegas might be your best option as professionals are always ready to clean up those hard to remove dirt!

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