How to Make Your Own Carpet Solution

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It’s almost spring cleaning season which means that it’s time to start whipping out those cleaning products! Now that the holidays are over, and the children are back in school, it’s almost hard not to give in to temptation to clean a room or two. That being said, we think that one of the most important part of the home that should maintain cleanliness is the carpet.

Tips Before Carpet Cleaning:

  1. Cleaning the carpet can be difficult on some days specially when it’s too cold or humid. This makes it impossible for drying process! So, carpet cleaning is ideal on warm days!
  2. Always vacuum first! Get rid of the excess dirt that’s been lingering in the home. When you carpet clean, you don’t want to spread all those dirt around.
  3. Treat the stains by steam cleaning it.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Solution

½ multi-purpose cleaner

2 scoop oxyclean (or any stain removing product of the like)

3 teaspoon fabric softener

3 teaspoon dish soap

Hot water


Use a bucket, and pour the multi-purpose cleaner, Oxyclean, and fabric softener. Add a cup of hot water until the Oxyclean is dissolved in the container.

Pour all the mixture into a gallon sized jug and fill ⅔ of the container with water. Add the dish soap and then fill the rest of the container.


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