The How-to on Detailing Your Car


Driving a car when you have children calls for an inevitable mess. Sometimes, keeping it clean might seem like a part-time job.  With children accumulating dust and dander, crumbs from snacks, and sippy cups rolling under the chairs, it’s hard to maintain a clean vehicle. But what happens when you’ve had enough? Perhaps, it’s time to detail your car, so we’ve come up with some helpful tips to send you on your way to a clean vehicle.

Shell Out Your Loose Change

First things first; There’s nothing like a good old car wash to make your vehicle feeling and looking clean. Get rid of the dust that your car has accumulated by washing it down with car soap and water. After all, you don’t want to be caught with a super dusty after detailing the interior of your vehicle, do you?

Vacuum Using Loose Change

While you’re getting a car wash, don’t forget that many shops offer a vacuum to get rid of the accumulated dirt in your vehicle. There’s nothing like using a good old vacuum to make your car feeling a lot cleaner than before. In many cases, an excellent detailing involves a whole lot of vacuum suction!

Focus on Larger to Smaller Crumbs

When you vacuum, make sure to focus on the larger crumbs and then work your way down to the finely grounded ones. The best places to find the most bit accumulation is underneath a child’s car seat and on the sides of the vehicle. It’s amazing as to how much you’ll find around those areas simply because we hardly pay attention to them.

Invest In An Upholstery Cleaner

There’s nothing like a vacuum that helps your car feeling cleaner than before. Still, if you want your car to feel 100% free of grime and dirt, we think that an upholstery cleaner will do the job! You can purchase one at the store, or you can simply make one yourself.


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