Are you doing everything you can to maintain a healthy indoor environment?

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Improve energy efficiency and indoor air quality with air duct cleaning

Regular carpet and air duct cleaning are effective and affordable methods for purifying your environment indoors. Quite often, when a home is contaminated with cleaning product fumes, exhaled carbon dioxide, mold or other types of fungi, these harmful particles will circulate within the ventilated air.

Air duct cleaning is a task that is easily overlooked. Many homeowners may not remember when these areas of the home were attended to. A furnace filter catches much of the debris – but neglect, remodeling projects and even poor duct installation can lead to buildup of gunk inside your ductwork that affects the performance of your system. With indoor air quality decreasing due to a number of factors including high-efficiency windows, increased insulation can reduce the amount of air that is transferred between inside and outside. Regular cleaning of your air duct system can not only reduce energy costs, but may greatly improve indoor air quality.

The furnace and air ducts within a home act as a “respiratory system” of the entire home. When these compact areas become congested and filled with contaminants and debris, it can trigger allergies, respiratory problems, and other illnesses. Allergy sufferers can benefit greatly by reducing the amount of triggers that may be present in the ductwork.

At Vegas Cleaners, our professional Air Duct Cleaning technicians receive extensive training and use the finest equipment available to ensure that your entire heating and cooling system is cleaner from top to bottom. We remove dust and lint, household contaminants, construction debris and anything else that keeps your heating and cooling system from running efficiently.

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