Act Fast and Clean That Pet Stain Now!

red carpet cleaning

red carpet cleaning

You just welcomed a furry baby into your home. Everything is happy and dandy until you find yourself sitting there with a soiled carpet. You start to worry whether this will be a daily routine, and whether your pet has decided that the carpet is their new spot to relieve themselves. You’re thinking about carpet cleaning, but you can’t do this every time your pet has an accident. All of a sudden they give you their cutest little innocent look and everything is forgiven, but you’re still stuck with a carpet that needs immediate attention. So, what do you do now?

Pet Stains Are a Hassle, so Act Fast!

Sometimes pet owners are not prepared when it comes to this issue which only leaves the carpet dirty and unsanitary. When you’re a pet owner, carpet cleaning should be one of your priority specially for the purposes of a clean home. The first thing that you’ll need is a stain removing spray that is specially made for pet urine. These products are very easy to obtain as you may find them at your nearest supermarkets or retail stores. They’re very affordable in price and handy for carpet cleaning. The second item is going to be a roll of paper towel. Any type would do, but it’s always safe to say that the more durable the better as this is what you’ll need for a crucial step in carpet cleaning.

Now that you have your supplies, fear not, because carpet cleaning is in the process! Grab the paper towel and dab it on the carpet so that it grabs most of the liquid. Repeat this process. Once your paper towel appears to look dry when patted, use a spray specially made for preventing pet stains. Let the spray do it’s action until it is dry. Of course, this will happen quite often especially when your pet is starting to learn how to relieve themselves in the rightful spot, so don’t fret.

But when you know that they are already potty trained, getting a professional carpet cleaner would be your best bet. Here at Carpet Cleaners, we are dedicated to remove unwanted stains and odors. We know how important it is to keep a sanitary home, and helping you achieve it would be a pleasure.

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